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‘My Girlfriend Says Her Spiritual Husband Has Been Giving Her Love Bites On Her Neck’ – Man Writes



A young man who can be described as naive has taken to social media to share his story..

His story has to be with a recent development that involves his girlfriend and he made this known in a recent message he sent to the popular social media relationship coach, Auntie Momoza.

According to this guy, his girlfriend has been receiving love bites on her neck from her spiritual husband. The post he made reads;

“Dear Auntie Momoza Is it possible for a spiritual husband to give my girlfriend love bites on her neck? She was away with her girls and she came back with love bites. When I ask she says she got them from her spiritual husband. I grew up in Sandton and don’t know crap about spirits. Is it possible?”

Some reactions the post got are;

Hlengie Nande MaDlamini – Yes it is very much possible … Please give her moral support… Allow her to go out again because some spiritual husbands gets mad when they don’t see her oftentimes..
#strongs sbari😊

Anetta Mbakaza – Very possible, sometimes these spiritual husbands even impregnate them. Pray hard cuzzy for your girlfriend and don’t ask her a lot of questions it’s a very traumatic situation

Ma Bhanekazi – It’s very much possible , go read the Bible and see how the spiritual husband got Mary pregnant. All you have to do is to make sure that you allow her to visit the spiritual husband every now and then, so that your relationship can grow from strength to strength…

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