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Mo Salah’s Goal Celebrations Mentioned In US Supreme Court As An Example Of ‘Private Religious Exercise’ (Details below)



We all know that Mo Salah is a world-wide figure but his reach may have just found news grounds, with this latest name drop.

As reported by Lawrence Hurley , Reuters reporter covering the U.S. Supreme Court and related issues, the Egyptian King was mentioned in Supreme Court argument: ‘when Mohamed Salah, you know, has a religious exercise after a goal at Anfield, the fact that the crowd is there is incidental.

‘It’s not a captive audience in that sense. it’s not he who brought them there. So I think it kind of comes back to government speech in that respect.

‘Right after Mohamed Salah scores the goal, he is of course the center of attention and he engages in a religious exercise’.

It seems like a much deeper argument than can be surmised in this short article but it does show how well-known our No.11 truly is.

It’s not just his influence on a football pitch that may want to be considered by the club when his new contract is negotiated but his audience and commercial appeal will also have a bearing.

When you see him running down the wing in a red shirt, it’s easy to forget that it’s not just Liverpool fans that are watching him in action.

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