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Lady Disgraced After She Stole $100 And Hide It In Her Prívate Pàrt (Photos below)



A young lady alleged to be a hookup girl allegedly stole 100 USD while the man was asleep and hides it in her prívate pàrt.

In the video making rounds on social media, some guys were seen putting fingers in the lady’s privàte párts and dragging out a hundred dollar note from her body.

I was shocked and I’m still shocked to see my gender in such a messy situation. To my biggest surprise, this lady didn’t know that putting money into prívate pàrt could be very dangerous to her health and could cause troubles that a hundred dollars can’t solve.

As humans, we just need to be careful and be contented with our little earnings. We can’t kill ourselves because we don’t have it all. Ladies must learn to respect themselves and thread with caution.

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