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Lady Arrested After Man Installs CCTV Camera In His House, Films Maid Doing This To His 3- Year- Old Son (Details below)



After the father viewed through a footage of the Close Circuit Television (CCTV) that he put at his Montrose suburb property, a Bulawayo maid was arrested and taken to court for s£xually abusing her employer’ s three- year- old boy. To protect the minor’ s identity, the maid, the child, and the child’ s parents will not be mentioned.

When his parents were away, the maid allegedly forced the boy to s£xually fondle her breasts. The incident is said to have occurred on March 25th, approximately 1800 hours. The child informed his father of the maid’ s actions. The father then watched the CCTV footage and received the shock of his life when his son’ s accusations were proven to be accurate.

The father then showed his wife the video, and the two of them went to the police station to report the incident. ” I arrived home from work on March 25th about half past six o’ clock in the evening. I met the accused and my kid by the gate as they opened it for me, and I then opened the car door to let my son in. As I drove to park the car, I inquired about his day, and he informed me that he had been playing with the accused’ s breasts during the day. I inquired as to why, and he stated that it was for fun.

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” I then went into the house and verified what was going on during the day by watching recordings on my phone that is connected to the house’ s CCTV system, and that is when I learned that certainly the accused has been letting my son to f0ndle her breasts and even removed her bra, ” the father claimed. The accused rejected the claims when he appeared before Tredgold courts magistrate Nomagugu Maphosa.

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