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If You Weren’t Blind You Could Have Seen Your Wife Is Sleeping With The Barber- Man Tells Neighbour During Argument



A man couldn’t say a word after someone told him about the extra-marital affairs his wife was having whilst married to him..

The man who was being told about his wife’s behaviour got angry when a neighbour scratched his car and confronted the person for his recklessness.

According to a Twitter user named Guchi who narrated the incident on his page, in the cause of the argument, his friend asked the man who scratched his car whether he is blind and he clapped back at him telling him that he should be the blind one here because he would have known his wife has been cheating on him with a barber down their street.

Guchi’s tweet reads;

“so my guy was having an altercation with his neighbour for scratching his car and he shouted are you blind and the neighbour told him that he was the blind one, that if he wasn’t he could have seen his wife is sleeping with the barber guy down their street…”

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