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I Was Arrested And Sentenced To 40 Years Imprisonment After I Was Attacked In My House (Details below)



A man called Opanyin Yaw Mensah from Nkoranza went to Enchi to get about 12 acres of land with his wife Cecilia Aso Antwi. He worked hard to a make a cocoa farm on the land, he cultivated the cocoa and got money from it, he used money the money build his own house, and saved the rest of it in the house. In the year 1981, one of his servants fell sick so he sent his wife who was pregnant at that time and two other servants to send that man to the hospital.

Few moments after they left, an unknown man came to attack him, the person asked him to show him where he has kept all his money. Opanyin Mensah started struggling with him but that man took out a knife from his pocket to stabbed him but he got hold of the knife with his bare hands which started cutting his him. The two of them fell down, fortunately he took the knife from him and stabbed the unknown man with it and he then run away.

Opanyin Mensah decided to the file a report at the police about what happened, he met soldiers on his way to the police station, he told them how he was attacked and they help him to treat his wounded hand. They also went back with him to his house but when they got to the house, all his money and cocoa beans were stolen. They look around in search of the person who came to rob him but they rather found a dead body at the bush.

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The man told the soldiers the truth that it was that man who attacked him but he stabbed him with the knife to defend himself. The man was sent to Enchi chiefs palace but the chief told them to let the police arrest him. He was then arrested and remanded for 1 year at Tarkwa police station, he was later transferred to Takoradi police station. Opanyin Mensah was sent to court and accused of murder, he was jailed for 40 years in 1982.

He was sent to Tarkoradi prison to serve his jail sentence in the prison, the man was given slaps at the entrance of prison which made him started bleeding from his ears, and he couldn’t ear well again. Opanyin said he was transferred to six different prisons across Ghana throughout the 40 years he spent in the prison but he went through a lot at the prison. Opanyin Yaw again said he shed tears on the day he was released. He revealed that it has been 2 years since he was released from prison but he has not seen his wife and four children.

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