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“I Have Slept With Over 5000 Men And I Wont Be Ashamed Of That”- Beautiful Lady Confess (Details below)



A former slay queen who made many tongues wag uncontrollably owing to her usage of black magic has disclosed that she slept with 5,000 men, including MPs, state officials, and musicians.

Sandra, a retired Slay queen, revealed that when her mother died, she began sleeping with boys in a cemetery when she was eight years old.

According to her, she used to work at a club with wealthy men who would sleep with her in exchange for money.

She also discovered that the majority of Slay Queens had distinct advantages that they employ in seducing wealthy men into sleeping with them.

She also admitted to have black magic power, which she obtained from a meeting of ladies beneath the sea.

“I have a gathering of women I used to work with and once in a while we will go for powers under the ocean where we will be offered snakes to place in our reproductive organs so any man we laid down with will do anything we desired’” she said

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