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I Am Filing For A Divorce Because My Husband Is So Lazy In Bed – Wife tells Court (Details below)



Halima Maina is a mother of one. She is married to John Maina, but she and her husband are going through a difficult period, so she has decided to seek a divorce. They have been married for three years, but she says she does not feel happy in the marriage any more because her husband has changed.

She says that about a year ago, she found him Malik out with their maidservant at home. At first, he said that he was trying to revive her because she had collapsed from working too hard. He played with her intelligence, thinking she was not smart. He kept cheating on her.

Later that year, her husband lost his job. Since then, John has been looking after their son while Halima works. “I am tired of being the one working all day while my husband idles around at home,” she says. “I want to get a divorce.” She said she’s the one providing their son’s needs. Her husband is not serious about finding another job. She states she’s tired of the marriage, proving to her child all alone, “my husband is useless and less of a man.”

In defense, Maina admits that he has been helping his friend run a hotel business. He says that he earns about 5,000 each month from this venture. He adds that he works from home during the day when not babysitting their son. Halima is surprised at this information because she sees Maina as a waste of space and not good for anything. In fact, she calls him useless.

However, she is so eager to get a divorce from him that she accuses him of being lazy in bed and failing to meet her sexual needs. She accuses him of not being able to quench her thirst in bed and insists she get a divorce from him. It is also revealed that Maina is not the biological father of the child he has been taking care of for years.

As a result, Halima obtains full custody since she is the child’s mother and not Maina. Main told the court he was aware of not being the biological father of the child his wife birthed for him but decided to keep quiet.

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