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‘Husband Of The Late Osinachi Using Singer’s Name To Extort Money From People’ – Close Friend Of The Late Singer Reveals



We have chanced upon a post made by one of the friends of the late Nigerian singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu..

Per the post, the husband of the late musician is using the singer’s name to extort money from people even after it was made clear that the singer is dead.

The post was made on the popular social media platform, Facebook and it reads;

“On Osinachi…
I just got off the phone with a friend in the USA who was a very close friend of Osinachi.
I thought the rumours about her husband’s alleged involvement were mere sentiments until my friend mentioned a few things to me.

Apparently, her husband called this friend of mine after the wife had already died. But he didn’t tell my friend that Osinachi is gone, instead he allegedly tried to lie with her name to get money to treat ‘cancer’.

According to my friend, the husband tried to know if he had spoken to the wife – obviously trying to know if the wife mentioned anything to my friend.

He revealed that Osinachi was financially supported by her pastor, Dr. Enenche and the likes of my friend in the USA, which makes me wonder what the husband was doing for a living.

Now here’s the problem – I see a lot of religious people saying she should have left the marriage.
Let’s be honest…

Osinachi’s selling point was her assumed ‘Holiness’. I said assumed because the so called religious holiness is a mere assumption. If a woman dresses religiously, everyone believes she’s Holy. If she wears sexy wears, y’all religious people call them unholy.

Since ‘holiness’ was her selling point, to be honest, divorce was not one of her options.
Many pastors wives and female ministers are on this table – Y’all equate the MARRIED status to holiness and consider DIVORCED people as potential sinners. Please don’t argue this because y’all know how you discriminate against single moms and divorced sisters in your leadership structures.

If Osinachi divorced, 90% of the churches in Nigeria wouldn’t invite her to minister again. So to grow her ministry, she chose to die in marriage.

I didn’t want to comment about this sad death because I know y’all are not ready for the truth…
But here is the truth – the fake religious standards about marriage has killed more Christians than the imaginary devil would ever kill. Argue with the depressed wife of your secretly polygamous Papa.

I became a free man the day I dumped religion and started living my truth. As you see me now, ALL MY DECISIONS ARE MADE BASED ON MY REALITY. Not based on your standards. You can’t force your Religious standards on me nor my family – we are unique individuals. A little bit of house party could be the fire in my home but your Religious standards may frown at it forcing me to live in hell on earth in anticipation of an after life bliss. My partner may need some ‘Head’ in a naughty place to get the feel of good sexual life but if I allow religion into my home, I’ll live with a pretender and fight imaginary demons.

The church must stop trying to control marriages with blanket doctrines. Teach the principles of individuality and people will start living their truth Which includes working away from toxic marriages without fear of being shamed by the Religious moral police.

The world has lost a great gift. While we blame the guy Frank Edwards described as “unreasonable”, let’s also blame the religious system which hasn’t been reasonable enough to stop forcing fake standards on real people with real issues.

~Charles Awuzie”

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