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How Yul Edochie found himself with two wives, His Numerous ‘side chics’ exposed (Full Detail)



President aspirant Yul Edochie confirmed the rumours that he got his colleague, Judy Austin pregnant..

Yul Edochie who is married to May Edochie with 4 lovely kids (3 boys and a girl) reportedly welcomed a bouncing baby with his colleague turned baby mama, Judith Austin in 2021.

Information from different sources also further revealed that last weekend, Yul Edochie officially made Judy Austin his second wife after paying her dowry in her home town in Anambra State.

Gistlovers wrote:

Hello tueh tueh, GLB Nation how una Dey? Here is the full story of how Yul found himself with two wives, that one wey Yul post on him page Na half done, him nor be blogger I nor know why him Dey help me do my work ooo😏😏😏😂😂😂
According to information reaching Vawulence Headquarters Na chop and clean mouth yul Dey use all these Nollywood geh do, it’s safe to say Na S€x for roles, his known side chic before was married Actress Nkiru Umeh , So Nkiru Umeh is married to one man from Uga in anambra state
And she was having sexual relationships with yul
The husband got an hint of it and reported to the kinsmen severally but yul refused to let the married woman be until trailer pass yul and nkiru had issues and parted ways before she come move to this girl, it was nothing serious at all, they were doing ta ta ta for movie set and sometimes they meet at a very coded hotel, yuls wife got an hint of the Ta ta ta, she asked the husband but husband deny, fast forward to some months later, naso side hen Carry belle ooo and insist she no go comot belle, hey decided to keep it hush hush and move on, before you know it words got to the wife and the matter Na yam pepper scatter scatter then, remember I hint una about the pregnancy then, i needed to be sure say them go leave the pikin and not comot am before I go announce belle and these yeyebrities go comot belle just to debunk say gist Na fake, as cr@zy as it sounds he don happen before, one Yoruba actress was pregnant for a married man which I am 💯 sure after posting it here mama go comot belle at her age just to debunk, that one shock me, so I hinted you people about the girl wey yul give belle last year, They sha begged the wife and promise her it won’t pass the belle level.
Side hen born pikin and begin pressure yul to get married to her and come pay her bride price, yul initially refused oo but as Politics matter don enter and the girl threatened to tell Nigerians who get her pikin, Baba knowing fully well say if Nigerians see any dirt for him clean slate, political ambition is dead on arrival, he had to dance to the tune of the side chic so she won’t expose him, check next post for the concluding story.

Paid bride price low key on Sunday wife got to know on Monday after seeing his husband picture for Vawulence headquarters.
Pete edochie is not in good terms with his son as he was not in support of the whole affairs but he got no choice because they all must sustain that political ambition to portray to Nigerians what yul is not,so Sunday now them fo pay bride price and it was as low key as ever and no phone was allowed, all along the wife didn’t know about the whole bride price thing, to cut long story short thr low key wedding she reach Vawulence Headquarters and we decided to congratulate Yul on his oriburuku ooo, naso I forget again, his wife saw his picture for Vawulence headquarters Na so she begin torch light every corner, she come find out say them don go pay bride price for Aunty side hen , so yesterday I was sitting jeje on my own ooo, Na him one GLB Nation come remind me say we get pending Vawulence for yul head ooo, naso I kuku break am for comment section😂😂😂😂Yul seeing say him don cast small small decided to kuku break all the table himself 😂😂😂post side wife and side pikin, naso original house wife vex oooo wey the matter turn yam pepper scatter scatter Na this matter we still Dey try settle since morning ooo😂😂them don drag yul like I pass my neighbor generator oooo, igi ewedu don fall on yul las las oo
Note: the Judy side hen was once married with two kids and Na olosho make the husband pursue an comot before she waka go jam yul born side pikin for am🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

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