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Hausa Muslim Lady Dating An Igbo Christian Man Reveal What Life Is Like Dating Each Other Despite Their Religion And Tribe Status (Details below)



A Nigerian lady has revealed that she is in a relationship with a man who comes from a different tribe and practices a religion separate from hers.

The young woman known as Maimuna said that she is a Hausa Muslim lady while her man is a Christian from the Igbo tribe.

She said that she will not allow their tribal and religious differences stop her from being with the most beautiful person in her life.

Taking to her Twitter account Maimounah @blackmounah69 shared photos with her boo and said;

”I am a Muslim Hausa woman while he is an Igbo Christian man, I can’t loose the most beautiful person in my life because of religious or tribal differences.”

Mixed reactions greeted her post as some netizens noted it was not in their best interest to continue the relationship.

@IamObinnaChukwu; Relationship is fine, but marriage is a no no. I don’t support such union.

@TashaRoyal9; You don’t support such union as what?? Who are you to support the union? Who asked for your support?? Have you supported yourself???

@Oyinnia; My Igbo brother, please no take this lady play ooo. Treat her with utmost respect, love and care cos it’s not an easy road she took. Others lost their lives for attempting such. We, your igbo brethren will not support any injustice against this lovely lady

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@a_lmumin; Pure lies, a Muslim woman cannot marry a non Muslim its haram, secondly you have to choose your faith or love and if truly you are Muslim then it’s a no go Area for you. Period

@kinggozzi; My friend is on this table. Igbo Christian boy dating Hausa Muslim girl. Girl has vowed never to marry any Hausa man despite pressure for over 10yrs. They have to 2kids now. We never still do marriage. Babe Hausa Muslim family never still come to term accepting the reality.

@OyeniranWuraola;The more you understand both Christians and Muslims worship the same God the more you you maintain peace. I am a Muslim and I’m married to a Christian too. If Jesus Christ isn’t related to we Muslims his mother won’t have a whole Chapter in the Quran.

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