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Dr. Chinelo Megafu who was killed by terrorists during Abuja-Kaduna train attack buried amidst tears (Video + Photos)



Medical doctor, Miss Chinelo Megafu, who was killed during the Kaduna Train attack by bandits has been buried..

She was buried at Ebony private Cemetery in Ikoyi, Lagos state on April 21.

Chinelo Megafu, 29, a University of Port Harcourt-trained dental surgeon, was among the 970 passengers aboard the ill-fated Kaduna-bound train attacked on March 28.

Dr Chinelo had tweeted that she was hit by a bullet in the stomach and asked for prayers from the public before she was reported to have died later.

The attackers, later revealed to be bandits, used explosives to blow up the rail track before firing at commuters, forcing the train travelling from Kaduna to Abuja to stop.

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