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Documents From Osama Bin Laden Indicate He Never Expected America To Go To War After 9/11 (Details below)



Osama bin Laden didn’t expect America to rock his terrorist network after 9/11.

In 2011, Navy SEALs from the elite DEVGRU unit flew into Pakistan and blew bin Laden’s head apart in a raid that will forever be remembered in America, and while in the Al-Qaeda leader’s compound, the SEALs grabbed all the hard drives and material they could.

During a recent conversation on “60 Minutes,” Islamic scholar and author Nelly Lahoud, who spent years reading every line of bin Laden’s papers, broke down what was in them. Most interesting in my humble opinion is that the terrorist mastermind never though America would destroy his terror network through a massive war.

“Al Qaeda did not anticipate that the United States would go to war,” Lahoud explained on “60 Minutes.” When asked what kind of response bin Laden anticipated, she explained, “A limited airstrike, but they didn’t think that they would go beyond that.”

Clearly, he was wrong because it didn’t take long at all for CIA operatives, Delta Force commandos and Green Beret ODAs to show up and start raining hell down on the Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan following the horrific terrorist attack on 9/11 more than 20 years ago.

In terms of a gross miscalculation, I’m not sure there’s anything bigger than that terrorist scumbag thinking we weren’t going to fight after his hijackers attacked us.

We lost the World Trade Centers, the Pentagon was hit and a plane went down in Pennsylvania after heroic passengers fought back.

How delusional was Bin Laden to think we were going to load up and turn his world upside down. Sure, he might have evaded capture for nearly a decade, but as Lahoud pointed out to “60 Minutes,” Al-Qaeda was greatly degraded after we hammered the organization nonstop for years.

At one point, the terrorist network only had about $200,000, according to the letters analyzed by Lahoud.

Americans don’t often seek fights, but if you attack us, we will gut you like a fish. Apparently, bin Laden had never heard about what we did to Japan after Pearl Harbor.

When America needed to respond, countless men and women answered the call, and the last thing he ever saw in his life was the barrel of an ST6 operator.

Now, he’s burning in hell, which is exactly where terrorists belong.

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