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David Hundeyin Exposes Dirty secrets of Flutterwave and its CEO, Olugbenga Agboola “GB” (DETAILS)



Thinking of Flutterwave as simply a business that processes electronic payments would be like thinking of the New York Mafia as a group of pizza shop owners – there certainly is that, but there is also so much more going on under the hood. This is precisely why I intentionally leaked word of my story 3 weeks ago in hopes of seeing what else this cage-rattling would uncover. I say “what else” because contrary to what I told most of the 17 current and ex-Flutterwave sources I spoke to, this is not in fact, a story about sexual harassment or workplace bullying. It’s not that those things aren’t present in this story – it’s that the real story makes them seem positively trivial in comparison..

David Hundeyin, a Nigerian journalist, revealed that how Olugbenga Agboola it enables global political manipulation and has done little to stop it.

David disclosed the fraud, perjury, and insider trading that gave birth to the Nigerian fintech powerhouse Flutterwave in a lengthy article titled Flutterwave: The African Unicorn Built On Quicksand.

Summary of David Hundeyin on Flutterwave:

Flutterwave, according to David’s article, defrauds employees using stock options..

You’re basically forced to sell below market value to a company owned by the founder..

Olugbenga Agboola, the company’s owner, did not grant one of his employees with stock options. She filed a lawsuit against Flutterwave, who then went behind her and paid her lawyers..

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Olugbenga Agboola did not build Flutterwave based on his ingenuity, rather he illegal used the asset, infor & contacts of Access Bank.

He and his in Ife are sleeping with former and current staff of Flutterwave.

So many more;

*Crimes: Insider trading,
* Working with Access Bank and using Lyin as a front for Flutterwave.
*Hiring an employee’s litigation firm.
*Inflating and deflating stock price when he wants to.

Read the full article below.

Flutterwave: The African Unicorn Built On Quicksand.

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