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Chrisland: The boys tricked her with phone charger, lured her to their room and r@ped her – Ubi Franklin insists



Music Label Boss turned blogger, Ubi Franklin has shed more light on the trending video of a 10 year old Chrisland Student caught having intercourse with her classmate..

After Ubi Franklin’s report that the female student was gang raped by the boys, the actually video which later surfaced online proved otherwise, with many insisting that the girl in question gave consent to a mutual sexual engagement.

However, Ubi Franklin continues to insist that the girl was drugged by her classmates before they had canal knowledge of her.

He tweeted: “What is misleading ? A child was asked to come to collect her charger from the boys room, what does that say? She was tricked to come there and was given something to drink.Now the school failed by concealing information from her parents for a month.”

“The boys took her charger and asked her to come to their room and collect her charger. According to her mum, the girl said when she got there, they told her to pick up her charger from the bathroom and the gave her something to drink and they started on her.”

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