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Allow Prisoners To Have S£x With Their Spouses On Visits – Rev Dr To Government (Details below)



Mama Love Foundation, a non-governmental organization based in Obuasi, is advocating for the establishment of facilities in the country’s prisons to encourage conjugal visits.

Rev. Dr. Love Konadu, the Foundation’s President, led her organization and the London-based Obuasi Sikakrom Association to distribute meals, prepared food, soft drinks, and bottled water to inmates at the Obuasi Prisons.

In addition, the Mama Love Foundation partnered with Achievers Medical Services to conduct health checks for over 100 inmates.

Dr. Love Konadu, on the other hand, noted that NGOs like hers are eager to collaborate with the government to set up facilities for spouses to visit on a regular basis.

“While the country has taken steps to ameliorate convicts’ plight, we are willing to work with the government to establish facilities in our country’s jails to allow inmates to satisfy their sexual urges.” We are confident that this will put an end to all forms of homosexuality in our prisons.”

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