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A 21 Year Old Boy Accused Of Doing Money Ritual Finally Reveal Source Of His Wealth (Details below)



When i use the word vision. I am talking about a desire, a map, a destination, a dream, a goal, a purpose, a direction, a plan. It is the motivating factor in your heart that pushes and drive you or limit you.

The Yahoo guy of just 21 years of age from Anambra state was able to achieve greater heights ahead of his contemporaries.

He refused to follow the path of his parents who only believe that their faith will take them to the peak of their career. At his age, he left his parents immediately after his secondary School education to fend for his life.

This boy began to struggle from one domestic work to the other for survival. According to him there was no body in their family that have a car not to talk of a decent house . They lives from hand to mouth without having any thing to rely on in the future. As a result of that, he decided to break the yoke of financial difficulty by any means necessary.

In his quest for a better life.he was introduced to Chief Dr Faraji who gave him a success Spiritual soap which he used to bath and earned him different kinds of opportunities. He has a very gigantic edifice in his home village within few months of his arrival. The parents were so worried about his riches because people told them that yahoo guys uses human blood to make money.

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Infact, money given to the parents were rejected because they were skeptical about his money. Those who poisoned the minds of the parents against him were receiving financial help from him and nothing happened to them. Where as his parents who are supposed to be the beneficiaries were living in abject poverty. The information got to him that his backbiters are the ones getting help from him and preventing his relations from enjoying his money.

At about 8.00 am on one fateful day. He took the courage to summon a town hall meeting where majority of the community members were present. In his testimony,i don’t do any money ritual that involves human blood, but because of the suffering of my parents and members of the community. I solicited help from a Spiritualist who gave me the secret of wealth. I use my phone to convince and connect people on the internet mostly from foreign countries who pays money to my account in dollars. It is just a simple Spiritual means that has helped me greatly. it doesn’t have any Spiritual or physical effect.

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