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77- Year- Old Man Escapes Death After Herdsmen Attack, See How It Happened (Details below)



A 77- year- old farmer, has narrowly escaped death after herdsmen attacked him in his farm in Akoko North- East Local Government Area of Ondo State.

The victim, Benjamin Babatunde, was working on his farm in Ikakumo on Friday when his assailants approached him and demanded money from him, according to our source.

However, Babatunde was believed to have informed them that he lacked financial resources to give to them.

They were alleged to have been enraged by his reaction and to have pulled out a machete, which they used to chop him on the skull.

The incident occurred only a few weeks after a middle- aged farmer was allegedly machete- cut by some herders in the same area when he refused to allow them to gather cashew nuts from his field, according to reports.

According to a source in the vicinity, the attackers left the septuagenarian for dead after beating him.

The victim was working on his farm when the herders came up to him and demanded money, which the farmer refused to give them because he had no money on the farm.

According to the report, the next thing that happened was that they pulled a machete out and hacked him, leaving him in a pool of his own blood before fleeing the scene believing he was dead.

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Mr Muri Agbola, the Commander of the Ikare Akoko Police Station, verified the event and stated that an investigation into the matter had been launched.

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