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32 Year Old Man Arrested For Rāping A 75 Year Old Grandma To Death (Details below)



What is happening in the world nowadays? Just recently, a 32- year- old man from Nigeria called Iliya Musa was recently arrested by police officers from Adamawa State for sëxually abusing a 75- year- old grandma ridiculously in Adamawa State which had eventually led to her sad death.

Many news outlets further discovered that this disgusting case happened last Saturday in Maduguva people group in the Mubi North Local Government Area in Nigeria. Samuel Adamu, who is the child of the dead grandma, said, ” The attacker secretly came into my mom’ s basement around 8 pm last Saturday and assaulted her by sleeping with her roughly” .”

Our neighbor, Esther Thomas heard when my mom was yelling, so she hurried and called my senior sibling, Yohanna Adamu, who got him in the demonstration. “

Iliya Musa, who has admitted to the wrongdoing, let the Police officer know that he was affected by liquor. ” I was getting back from a wedding service in the night when I heard the grandma wailing in her room. I went in and in the gleaming of an eye, I ended up on top of her, ” Musa said.

The representative for the state police order, DSP Sulaiman Ngoruje, additionally affirmed the occurrence, saying, ” The suspect has been captured and will be charged to court after the examination. “The attacker, Musa also said to the police saying ” it’ s a fault of the devil, please forgive me and let me out of prison.

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The devil tempted me when I was at my lowest point. Even Jesus in the bible was tempted and he failed the test. It wasn’ t my intention, am sorry. For criminal charges like sëxually abusing an old woman, the attacker, Musa, is estimated to spend at least 15 years behind bars and since the old woman died after the shameful act, he could spend a total of 20 years in prison.

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