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16-Year-Old Girl Shares Sad Story Of 1 Year Constant Rape By Her Father (Details below)



“I was 14 years when the incident happened. It initially started with him touching my body. When I noticed this, I moved my body from him. I told my twin brother about it the next morning but he shunned and did not believe me.

The next day, he had sex with me at night. I could not shout or do anything because my father threatened me. I saw him at my back at midnight telling me to pack my things that I will leave the house that day. As I was packing, I was scared he might have sex with me again so I locked the door inside.

After some interventions from the landlord and another old man, I opened the door. He took my bag and dragged me out. It was from there, that I started shouting for help. Some boys in the neighborhood came out and confronted him that where was he taking me to at the time of the night.

He told them he is my father and that I will not stay in that house again. It was at that time I explained to the other old man that my father had been having sex with me for almost one year.” –

If you check sometime ; he is aware you are not his biological daughter, and he hate your father; and hate the fact that your mum kept the lie uptil this age, but in all he is cursed for doing that to a child that calls him father; and he may be a cult group, or wandering from a generational curse, many evil can lead to this.
The kind of fathers we have today and the abomination they are committing is really worrisome.

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