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You’re A Coward And Hell Awaits You If You Don’t Protest, Group Tells Nigerians (Details below)



According to the human rights advocacy group, any citizen who fails to speak out and eventually dies in hardship is not only a coward but will also go to hell.

Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, HURIWA, has urged Nigerians to go out and protest against the economic problems the country is grappling with.

According to the human rights advocacy group, any citizen who fails to speak out and eventually dies in hardship is not only a coward but will also go to hell.

The position of the group was made known by its National Coordinator of Emmanuel Onwubiko, while addressing a press conference on Monday.

Onwubiko further berated the security agencies, especially the Department of State Services (DSS) for always intimidating Nigerians into not protesting, insisting that protest is a constitutional right of Nigerians.

He pointed out that it is not a crime for people to demonstrate against the [high] cost of living and the lingering scarcity of fuel but a crime for the security services to stop Nigerians from protesting in peaceful manners.

“Peaceful assembling is permissible under the constitution of this country. If you cannot protest in a democratic government then that democracy is dead,” the group said.

“Buhari’s government was brought to being by protest. Nigerians were on the streets where the likes of (Prof Wole) Soyinka were leading the protest. Nigerians are still waiting for Soyinka, who is a grandfather to come and lead a protest.

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“You don’t expect people of Soyinka’s age to come and lead a protest. The reason why these killings and bad governance are manifesting all over the place is Nigerians are just okay waiting for Soyinka to come and call us out for the protest.

“You don’t wait for anybody before telling the whole world that you’re starving to death, that you cannot get fuel. It is that every other person is not facing the same problem that we see all around us where filling stations will divert their allocations to the black market and you have the DSS that one of the core responsibilities is to stop economic sabotage and you have economic saboteurs in smaller forms.

“Those guys who carry jerry cans parading all over the streets are economic saboteurs. They are some of the people making fuel to be scarce because they are the agents of the fuel dealers but the DSS is seeing them but has failed to arrest them.

“But they instead go after people who say they can no longer keep quiet and die. If you keep quiet and die, you’ll go to hell. If you keep quiet and die of suffering in this country, you’re not going to heaven because you kept quiet, no.

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“You may end up in hell because you did not defend your fundamental human rights. It is your obligation to protect your rights to life. So, if you keep quiet and die, you’re not going to heaven. You’re a coward.

“That’s a simple fact. So, it’s wrong for the DSS to say they want to stop people who want to protest. The best the security agencies can do is to provide security and make hoodlums do not hijack the protest.”

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