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“Your net worth is N1 billion and you are owing N10 billion, Is that wisdom?” —Bishop Oyedepo hits hard on debtors



Founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo, has warned whoever succeeds him against obtaining loans to run the denomination..

Oyedepo issued the warning while teaching at the church’s headquarters in Ogun State midweek.

“There are many stupid wealthy people who are owing more than they own,” Oyedepo, whose church is nicknamed ‘Winners Chapel,’ said, according to reporting by religious blog, Church Gist.

“Your net worth is N1 billion and you are owing N10 billion. That is minus N9 billion. Is that wisdom? And you will be doing big boy around town but the banks know you are a small boy.

“The day they die, they may sell their wife. Wisdom gives peace, so when you say you are at peace they don’t believe you because of the pressure they are under from living above their means, buying a big car on loan. Is that life?

“People just do some funny things in the name of trying to be big. Such people are not in this church.

“When I am going to heaven at my old age, if Jesus tarries, there will be a curse on anyone who borrows on behalf of this church until Jesus returns.

‘You don’t have to if we got to where we are without borrowing. How dare you? Where did you get it from? I am not owing any man living or dead.

“I am going to heaven smiling. I have not cheated anyone,” the Winners Chapel leader is quoted to have said.

Oyedepo’s Winners Chapel runs many branches in Nigeria and around the world. Canaanland, the church’s cathedral in Ogun State, is one of the biggest worship centres on the planet.

The church also runs Covenant University, which is rated as one of the best institutions of higher learning in Niger

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