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Yahoo Money Ritualist Busted In Ashanti Region With Coffin, Dollars, Blood In His Room (Video below)



A money ritualist has been busted at Offinso for failure to deliver on promises.

A 27-year-old money ritualist known as Akwesi has been busted for defrauding his clients who came for money.

Video from his room shows a small coffin, bowls filled with blood and some items believed to be his ritual materials

How Akwesi The Money Ritualist Was Busted

A 67 years old man came to Akwesi for money rituals and he was first asked to bring 7,000 cedis.

The man did his part of the deal and paid the 7,000 cedis only for 27-years-old Akwesi to demand goat blood.

The money agreed to the deal because getting a goat isn’t a difficult thing.

When the man brought everything he requested, Akwasi told him if he serious about the money rituals, he uaes bring human blood.

He has a heap of fake dollars in his ritual room so his clients easily believe he can make them rich.

Akwasi first asks for money and animal blood and when you bring them, he start demanding human blood.

The 67-years-old man told him he can’t bring human blood so he should refund the 7,000 cedis.

Akwasi refused to refund the money and the man blew his cover by creating a scene for the land lord and other tenants to enter Akwasi’s room.

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In his room was a small coffin, a bowl filled with blood and other weird stuff.

As the man continue to demand his 7,000 cedis from Akwasi, 2 other clients came to threaten him to refund their money.

Akwasi managed to flee but the Offinso Police have arrested his ex girlfriend who came to the house to take her stuff following the break up.

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