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Wonder Shall Never End As University Student Rock School With Her Long Hairstyle (Photos below)



A picture of Tertiary girl from the University of Cape Coast has gone viral on the internet today due to the length of her braids. Lady is suspected to have just closed from afternoon lectures with her friend.

From the pictures, you could see her braids reaching her toes. They appear very close to the ground that, some are almost touching the ground. Nobody knows what could inspire that hairstyle but some believe she did it on purpose just for the cameras. Her friend on the other hand was also having long braids but was nothing as compared to the lady in focus.

Aside the braids being long, the colours she used have also been talking points. A hot pink with blue color. Ladies most of the time complain of headaches after braiding so you can imagine the pains she probably went through to get those done not to talk of the stress the hairstylist went through and also the cost of the braids.

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