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Woman, Husband & 2 Kids Narrowly Escape with no Injury as Ceiling Fan Falls on Their Bed at Night (Photos)



A Nigerian woman, Yvonne Stanley, has taken to social media to narrate how she and her entire family survived a ceiling fan accident in the home..

In a video sighted on Facebook she revealed that their ceiling fan fell on the bed just as she and her husband were about to go to sleep.

According to her, the incident happened at exactly 11:55 pm on Tuesday with her two kids already fast asleep on the bed.

Thanking God for saving their lives, the lady marveled at how it fell without touching the kids lying on the bed despite their ‘gymnastic sleeping skills.’

She added that it fell at a spot she and her husband usually sat, it just happened that they didn’t sit there as of the time the fan fell.

Her post read in part: “I can’t keep quiet about this o… If it had gone the other way, RIP attached to my children’s photo would have been louder than this. “I’ve heard of casualties as a result of fallen ceiling fan, but no one saw this coming. “Last night at about 11:15pm. Right before me and hubbys eyes, this fan that was rolling fell without any fault, sound or sign.

“How Almighty God arranged these kids and pushed them to one corner despite their “sleeping gymnastic skills”. How neither me nor hubby chose to sit by that spot which we do most times.

“Neither the sharp blade nor the Heavy Engine touched them. “See how they kept changing positions just within the period I took these shots. They could have rolled to the point where the fan fell. The spinning fan could have sliced the boy’s feet. So many “what Ifs”…”

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