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What God Has Showed Me About ‘Masturbation’ – Sister Catherine Reveals (Details below)



Sister Catherine better known as ‘Sister Kate’, a famous female evangelist who is known for her revelations about rapture, has revealed a message she claimed to have received from the Lord about ‘masturbation’.

Sister Kate who was teaching from her YouTube channel 2 hours ago, warned believers to stay away from any unclean act because God frowns at it.

According to Sister Kate from the video : “God doesn’t want any of us to indulge in such an act because this is one of those things that will hinder any true believer from going to Heaven.

“Many people maybe into this act but that doesn’t mean it is right. Your body is the holy temple of the Lord, so keep it pure and free from sin. Please note that having such desire in your heart or even touching your private part is also a sin against God. Guide you heart against evil imaginations as well”.

What is your take on this?

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