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‘They Have Been Sleeping Together Even At 12pm When We Were All Asleep” A Mother Painfully Narrates (Details below)



A mother of three children in Ghana has narrated her sad story stating that one of their children was having a friend who goes by the name Kofi. According to Alice, Kofi is said to be 19 years old and has been coming at her house for sleep over. One day, Alice husband realized that Kofi has been sleeping with their daughter Atta who is 16 years old. She claimed that the two have been switching beds and slept together at 12 PM when everyone was a sleep.

The husband informed her about the matter but she ignored him claiming they are just children. On realizing that the truth might be revealed, Kofi stopped visiting their house.Later on, after four months it appeared that Atta their daughter was pregnant. The innocent daughter told her parents that Kofi was responsible for the pregnancy. They claimed that they went at Kofi’s home to inform his parents about the pregnancy but the boy denied the alegations.However he claimed that atta was having another boyfriend. Alice took good care of her pregnant daughter till she conceived.

Few months later, Kofi’s parents decided to take care of both the young lady and her child. Kofi’s father claimed that despite the fact that his son denied the pregnancy, they went to Alice house to let her know that they have acknowledged the pregnancy and chosen to support the young lady and the baby. Occasionally, they gave Alice some money to cater for her daughter’s parental needs.

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According to Atta, she claimed that she was in a relationship with Kofi, and when she got pregnant, she informed him about it. Kofi advised her to do an abortion, but he didn’ t give her the money to cater for the abortion when her parents learned about the pregnancy they went to ask him, but he denied the claims. The lady claimed that her daughter is doing fine.However, she had drop out of school.

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