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‘The Bible is Derived From the Egyptian Book of the Dead And Jesus Story in the Bible is Zeus Story” – Avraham Ben Moshe Reveal With Proofs (Details below)



Leader of the Common Sense Family, Avraham Ben Moshe, has disclosed that the Bible has a link to the history of Egypt.

According to him, all the Psalms and books in the Bible were derived from the Egyptian book of the dead.

In an interview with Rev. Nyansa Boakwa on Happy 98.9FM’s NsemPii, he said, “This why in everything, the Bible is so much connected to Egypt. Most of the stories in the Bible are from the Egyptian book of the dead.”

He explained, “Sampson’s story in the Bible is Hercules’ story, the story of Jesus is the story of Zeus, Noah’s story is also from the story of Gilgamesh, all from the Egyptian book of the dead.”

“It is only a duplicate or stories from Egypt and we should always remember that nobody was born a Christian, a Jew or Muslim,” he said.

He stated that “everything we hear from the Bible is arranged because the truth of the matter is that, God was invented by man and the whole concept of God and everything that has to do with us was all invented. The earlier we come to terms with this, the better for us all.”

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