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Russia Threatens to Attack United States Over Sanctions: “We’ll Put You in Your Place (Details below)



Russia has threatened to launch attack on the United States of America after the Joe Biden led country imposed sanctions against it after it attacked Ukraine.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (r) and his USA counterpart Joe Biden. Almost a month after Russia launched a devastating attack on its ex-Soviet neighbour Ukraine, the Vladimir Putin led country is now threatening attack on the United States of America.

The attack, Moscow said, will be occasioned by a series of sanctions President Joe Biden has imposed against the country in an attempt to cripple its economy.

On Tuesday, March 8, Biden announced that US will no longer import Russian oil, gas and other energy products.

The US said the sanctions aimed to pressure Russia to halt what it dubbed as a special military operation in Ukraine since Thursday, February 24, which has so far led to hundreds of deaths.

Following the sanctions, which the European country described as ‘disgusting’ Russophobic, it warned that “it might put the US in its place.”

Russia’s Security Council deputy secretary and former president Dmitry Medvedev said the sanctions will not work, insisting that the country has the might to put all their enemies in their place.

“It will not work. Russia has the might to put all of our brash enemies in their place,” said Medvedev as quoted by Reuters.

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Initially, Putin said his country invaded Ukraine to defend its territory as the US was using Kyiv (Ukraine’s capital) to threaten Moscow.

Despite the sanctions, Putin said his country can still survive without the ‘deceitful’ Western countries led by the US.

He said he will continue building ties with other superpower countries such as China.

In case Russia attacks the US, it is worth noting that the latter has the largest military force in the world

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