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Pregnant Mom Has to Explain Why She Has a Huge Baby Bump after Getting Tons of Insults (Details below)



Pregnancy takes a toll on a woman’s body, and one mother faced lots of criticism because of how she looked. She decided to respond to the insults online.

Brooke Luney was excited to welcome her sixth child this month, but her body was taking its time to go into labor. Luney, who had given birth naturally in the past, hoped her child would make his appearance soon.

The northern California mom was eager to meet her son and shared that she was nervous he would be enormous. Doctors gave her some disappointing news when she went past the 40-week mark.


There was a high likelihood they would need to perform a C-section. The news made Luney emotional and upset because she did not like needles or medication.

Despite the update, Luney was most concerned about the baby’s health and would do whatever was best for him. She shared the entire pregnancy journey on TikTok, and her big bump garnered attention with thousands of netizens weighing in.


The mom received insults, and when her bump went viral, she decided to address the commenters. She expressed: “I posted a YouTube Short and woke up to thousands of kids roasting me.” Luney then told netizens that she always carried big.

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When a commenter said that her belly was the biggest they had ever seen, she responded: “I know. I’m just really short and have a super small torso/waist. Baby has no place to grow but out.”


Someone else said that she was carrying more than one baby, to which Luney replied: “It’s just one baby. I just carry hella big because I’m short.”

Luney told netizens that her small build made the belly extra noticeable. She also revealed that people asked her if she had various health conditions like gestational diabetes, which caused babies to grow too big.


Luney and her baby were doing well, and the mom added: “I’ve had a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy.” She purchased a new bed that allowed her to incline while sleeping, but there were no other issues.

On March 12, Luney shared a clip of her healthy newborn baby delivered via C-section. In a later video, Luney revealed that she “already missed” her bump but not enough to do it again.


Whether during or after their pregnancy, mothers get a lot of flak from people on the internet. One woman was shamed for wearing designer clothing while her kids were dressed in Walmart outfits.

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Caitlin Fladager responded to netizens and told them that she would not outgrow or dirty her clothing as children do. The mom refused to apologize for her actions, and users pointed out that clothes were irrelevant as long as the kids were taken care of.

It is not easy to deal with thousands of different opinions online, but Fladager and Luney did a pretty good job, and they should be proud of how they handled the criticism.

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