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Popular Presenter Narrate On How She Was Raped By Her Pastor At Church After Her Uncle Tried To Do Same In The House (Details below)



Popular presenter with Angel Broadcasting Network called Yaa Nicky has opened up about a sad Ordeal in her life. According to her, when she was young, she was staying with her uncle. Sadly, her uncle tried to take advantage of her by Raping her.

According to her, the action of her uncle forced her to seek refuge in a pastor. Unfortunately, she never knew that it was the pastor who was going to ” Finish” her. Before she realised, the pastor had Raped her.

” Did you report the matter to the Ghana Police Service? ” The host of the show enquired.

” I was afraid to report the case. I was young and couldn’t discuss it with anybody ” Yaa Nicky responded. The media personality was in the studio of Angel TV to talk about her personal life and how she is going about her career.

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