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”Na Mumu Dey Fall in Love” Man Post On Status While Taking Photos With His Fincess (Video below)



Do not believe everything you see online is an advise some people give to those who live their lives off of social media standards.

A Nigerian man has by actions displayed on his wedding day, shown that such statement of advise is true in its entirety.

He decided to advise against falling in love and being in a relationship whereas the reality is that he was getting married.

In a video circulating online, he could be seen updating his status with the words; ”Na mumu dey love Abeg. F**k love” before proceeding to take photo with his wife after their court wedding.

A friend who recorded the video and remained behind the camera could be heard laughing in the background over how ironic it is that a man who is getting married is saying that it is foolish to fall in love.

Watch Video below:

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