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Mr. Ibu Gives Praises To God As He Is Set To Be Discharged From The Hospital (Video)



Veteran Nollywood top star, John Ikechukwu Okafor, widely known as Mr. Ibu is set to be discharged from the hospital after he was being admitted for several days after he was struck down by illness..

It would be vividly recalled that the actor was reported to have been admitted to the hospital after suffering from a sudden illness. In a video, the actor claimed to have been poisoned by someone or some people at an event in Abuja.

He also revealed that his social media account and bank account have been hacked by some unknown persons who are now soliciting donations on his behalf without his consent.

Mr. Ibu on his sickbed stated that he has not asked anyone to donate money to him to pay for his hospital bills, hence anyone who wants to donate money to him willingly should contact him or his wife for the necessary details and not listen to anyone claiming these donations in his name on social media.

He also debunked rumors of being in a critical condition, saying that he can walk perfectly and do other things without anyone’s help.

Well, finally, the actor is about to be discharged from the hospital as he gets his final haircut before he finally part ways with his sickbed and bounces back to his normal and healthy self again.

Watch the video below:

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