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Many Nigerians Seen At The Ukrainian Embassy In Abuja To Volunteer To Fight For Ukraine Against Russia



We have chanced upon a report about how Nigerians have stormed the Ukrainian Embassy in their number to register their names as volunteers to help Ukraine in their fight against Russia..

The report indicated that about 115 young Nigerians have offered to join Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

The report, according to the Guardian, revealed that these young men are serious in the quest to help Ukraine fight Russia as they have openly provided their details to the embassy.

The report also stated the development has been confirmed by the Second Secretary, Ukraine Embassy, Bohdan Soltys.

He also stated that although these persons have submitted their names, no step had yet been taken to that effect.

These volunteers presumably took this bold step after a recent call by Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky.

In his call, Zelensky urged people around the world to join the fight.

It could be recalled that Russia invaded Ukraine some days ago and the invasion has been met with serious condemnation from several governments around the world.

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