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Lady Breaks Down in Tears as She Narrates An Horrible Experience With Suspected Kidnapper Working as a Cab Driver (Details below)



Young lady narrates a horrible encounter with a suspected ritualist after ordering the service of a cab-hailing service.

According to a Twitter user identified as @Ade_IDD, she order a ride home only for her to notice fishy events about the trip.
At first, the driver was different from the person on the app even though it was the same vehicle; secondly, the car’s door handle had been broken from inside, and the part that confirmed her claim was when the driver made a call stating on phone that he was coming with a passenger.

Read the full narration below …

“So @Boltapp_ng i have strength today. I ordered a ride from school to my house yesterday Friday 18th of march and i got a driver. He came and i confirmed car type and number plate and i put my stuff in the car and he started the ride.

I really don’t know why I didn’t confirm the drivers identity before i got in. We moved a little and I looked at the face of the person on the app, it didn’t match the person driving at all so i asked him why the app gave me someone and it wasn’t him.

He said @Boltapp_ng blocked his account and that was his brothers own and that why was I questioning him. I texted my sister and friend immediately and shared the ride with them. He brought out perfume oil and was putting all over himself for whatever reason.
This guy made a call and said in Yoruba “I’m on my way, wait I’m coming. I got one” Maybe i was overreacting or it was paranoia but i was shaken asf, he locked the doors from his own side and i just started to panic really bad.

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All this while, my sister and friends were calling but I couldn’t take they’re calls cos i was scared and I didn’t want him to figure that i was panicking. I texted them instead. I looked at my door and…

At this point i got really scared and i called my mum to say i was on my way home even though she already knew and was expecting me. I read something like this about 2 days ago on IG about the doors not having handles. I was scared asf.

We were at anthony when i told him I wanted to get something at Maryland mall so i could end the trip and he said no he wasn’t stopping there. All this while, he was driving so fast then i told him if he wasn’t gonna stop at the mall he should end the ride.

Then he asked “why you dey share ride? You be pikin” I just wanted to faint cos how did he know? He wasn’t looking into my phone nau. We were already at the traffic light by Maryland towards bank anthony road.

I told him if he didn’t drop me I’ll Break his window and he got so angry and started to insult me calling me all sorts, bad market, ashewo, small girl, mad girl e.t.c Traffic was building up so he stopped at Leventis busstop and ended the trip.

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@Boltapp_ng is this what your drivers do now? It’s sickening cos when i got out of that car i just kept crying, nobody knew what just happened. I couldn’t even feel my hands, I couldn’t talk, my mum and sister and friends were calling and I couldn’t even pick up the phone.

Maybe just maybe something Could’ve happened to me. @Boltapp_ng what’s the problem fr? Fix up!!! The driver was supposed to be this guy but i got a chubby dark guy.”

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