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JSS 3 Nigerian Girl Who Beat Boy Silly in Boxing Game Finally Leak Video (Video below)



A Nigerian girl, Maria, whose story went viral after she defeated a boy in a boxing game said both her grandpa and father were once boxers. Speaking in a short viral video, the kid revealed that one of the reasons she decided to go into the sport was for self-defence.

Many Nigerians who saw both her fight and interview videos reached out to see how they could help her. A Nigerian girl who showed off her strength and knocked off a male opponent during a boxing game has come out to speak about herself.

The kid said that her name is Maria and she is 12 years old. The JSS 3 student stated that she lives in Iyana Ipaja area of Lagos state.

The kid, in a video shared on Twitter , said she has many reasons for going into the boxing sport. She named being able to defend herself as one. Maria hopes to take her boxing game to the next level.

According to the 12-year-old kid, her father and grandfather were boxers during their young days. She said that if anybody wants to help her, they could contact her dad, grandpa, or Olaitan Makanaki who shared the video on Twitter.

Watch her video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

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@AYNFE_ said:

“She is cute seff. make I check list of my brothers wey Dey are age circle….. But wait this one go wound husband o, I will pass ewo ni beauty with battering.”

@UnKhalifa said:

“Wow her dad and grandad were boxers too? Amazing!! The talent runs in the family.”

@onsideacademy19 said:

“Hi, Would love to donate boxing equipment & mouth guards to both boxers. Would love to connect with the coaches or parents.”

@Femi_blaine said:

“Happy for her. Still don’t know why the boy wasn’t encouraged as much.”

@Dr_Stewsss said:

“You go know say she dey do ‘accurate time keeper, co-debator’ wella for school. LOVE HER!”

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