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It’s Embarrassing To Ask A Man For Transport Fare After A Date Or Visit – BBNaija Queen



BBNaija star Queen has made it clear to women that it’s embarrassing to ask a man for transport fare after a date or visit saying it shouldn’t even be a problem for them in the first place..

Almost everyone is sharing their views about whether it’s the responsibility of a man to give a woman transport fare after a date or a visit and some think it is but Queen among a few others think it’s not saying it’s even embarrassing.

According to Queen, transport fare should never be a problem because it’s embarrassing for a woman to ask a man for transport fare after a visit or date as she turns the table around asking how women will feel if a man visits them and ask for transport fare.

Queen then added that the way girls will find it ridiculous and even gist with their friends when a man visits and ask for transport fare is the same way it sounds ridiculous to men as you can only ask someone you’re familiar with not one you’ve met a few minutes ago.

Therefore, as a woman, don’t embarrasse yourself by asking a man or expecting to receive a transport fare from a man you went out on a date with or even visited for the first time unless you’re familiar with the person.

screenshot below;

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