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Imagine Seeing Some Photos of A 27 Years Old Man Who Still Looks Like a Baby (Photos below)



There are some rare diseases in the world that affect poor people and leave them in a miserable state.

That is the case for Singh Manpreet, a 27-year-old man who was born in 1995 and stopped growing at the age of one, weighing only 11 pounds. His neighbors in Hisar, India, refer to him as the “smallish guy,” and he requires round-the-clock care, much like a small child.

He is cared for by his auntie, Lakhwinder Kaur, 42, with whom he lives. Manpreet relocated from Mansa, Punjab, to Hisar, 112 kilometers away, because his friends no longer wanted to care for him. He had sagging skin, swollen palms and feet, and a massive face. He primarily communicates through gestures and can snicker, shout, and cry.

“Manpreet snickers like a young child and is only occasionally unhappy,” says his uncle, Karanvir Singh, 45. He is a wonderful young man who motions for guests to sit and makes an effort to get to know them. “We love this little cherished infant so much that letting him go breaks my heart,” Manpreet Aunty adds. Concerned about his future, his family sought advice from several doctors, who revealed that “a thorough evaluation of his condition is required before they can provide an appropriate decision.”

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The cost of the evaluation and priming treatment would be in the $70,000 range. A crowd-funding campaign has begun on Ketto, India’s version of GoFundMe, to raise funds for his treatment. Manpreet was born healthy, but his growth stopped before he could walk or talk, with no other symptoms or negative effects.

When his father, Jagtar Singh, 50, a modest rancher, was told by experts that he would be able to start developing again, he was disappointed. According to doctors, it’s possible that it’s a chemical issue. Manpreet’s family is still puzzled as to why he stopped growing, despite the fact that he has an older brother and sister who have grown up with no similar signs.

As MK Bhadu, a clinical officer at a Hisar state-run agency, explains, “The patient’ s development came to a halt due to a hormonal imbalance.” A child’s cognitive and emotional development begins around the age of three. If his body is not developing properly, his guardians should take him to a better medical facility and have him treated.

In any case, scientists believe Manpreet has Laron Syndrome, a rare inherited illness thought to affect only 300 people worldwide. The vast majority of people affected by this rare hereditary disease live in small towns in western countries.

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