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Igbos Can Not Rule Nigeria Because They Were Cursed – Pastor Bakare Exposed a Deep Secret (Video below)



Renowned Nigeria Evangelist Tunde Bakare has allegedly dropped a bombshell Revelation during a sermon on why the Igbos can never ruled Nigeria as the president.

Pastor Bakare told his congregation that he has been receiving alots of questions on why the Igbos are not allowed to rule Nigeria despite being parts of the country, in response he told them that it is because of the atrocities the Igbos committed years back that hindering them from ruling the country.

Pastor Bakare made them to understand that the Igbos brought the calamities Upton themselves after they killed Tafawa Balewa, forced him to drink and shot him and why he was being killed. He said, none of the Igbos tribe will ever rule Nigeria till the world ceased to exist.

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