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HIV Positive Husband Was Heartless Enough To Beat Up Wife With Machete For Denying Him Sex (Details below)



The incident reportedly happened in their home Misaro village in Siaya county, Kenya.

According to the woman, she was forced to deny her husband sex because he is allegedly HIV-positive. She also accused him of having extramarital affairs, particularly after discovering condoms and female undergarments that did not belong to her in his trouser.

The woman, who suffered severe injuries from the attack, was rushed to the Busia County Referral Hospital in Kenya, where she’s currently receiving treatment.

Rose Kwena, the victim’s nurse, confirmed the incident, saying doctors are currently managing the patient well but will determine the extent of injuries after a CT scan.
While condemning the incident, Anyango’s brother-in-law Festo Onyango Odhiambo expressed disappointment in what his brother Jackton Opondo did, adding that they had scheduled a family meeting to resolve the squabbles between the couple.

The family is now pleading with law enforcement to find and apprehend the suspect, whom they describe as a dangerous man.

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