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God Didn’t Create Man To Worship Him -Pastor Chris Says As He Reveals God’s Initial Plan (Details below)



The General Overseer of Believers’ Love World Incorporated, Pastor Chris has given his view on God’s initial plan for mankind. He also gave some Bible verses to back his statement that God didn’t create man primarily to worship Him.

This was revealed in a video he shared on his verified Facebook account yesterday. He insisted God created man to share His glory not to worship him. These were his words you can watch the full video here as well. If God didn’t create humans to worship him why was God’s purpose for creating human beings?

“When God said He doesn’t want to share His glory with another, he made references to the scripture as he tries to convince everyone that God didn’t create man to worship him he made references to the Bible” God revealed in Isaiah 48:11 how committing adultery or fornication defile His names.

As a result, whenever God mentions sharing His glory, He is talking about sharing His glory with humans. It was His plan from the beginning, even before He created man. Pastor is one of the richest and known pastor in Africa and in the world at large. He voiced his view about worshiping God.

”According to Roman 3:23, it was sin that first separated men from God’s glory. As a result, when Jesus Christ came, He came to restore humanity’ grandeur. As a result, when a person sins, they fall short of God’s glory. When he gets back on track, though, he shares God’s glory.

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As a result, worshiping Him was never part of man’s of man’s duty because worshiping him was never part of intention for humanity. God requires someone with whom He can share His splendor ” he insisted God didn’t create human beings to come on earth and start worshiping him rather he created them for other purposes. Do you agree with pastor Chris what do you have to say?

In my own view God is self-existent or self-sufficient, needing no one or nothing. He didn’t need anyone to worship Him at all, We don’t worship God because He needs it but because we are hard-wired for worship, and if we don’t worship God, we will worship something or someone else.

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