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Frustrated Mother Spotted Publicly Delivering Son From Spirit of Stubbornness (Details below)



A mother seemingly tired of her son’s stubbornness has taken extreme measures to free him of spirits that are making him stray.

The mother was seen holding her son by the collar as she screamed herself hoarse casting out evil spirits which she believes are stuck in the boys head.

She repeatedly shouted for fire to consume the demons leading the little boy astray.

See netizens reactions:

meraowili wrote: “E good say she pray o…if tosay she use that frustration and annoyance beat am…e for bad gann”

sandypreneur wrote: “She had to scream! That woman is tired of his stubbornness”

joelilyofficial wrote: “Our African mothers Wen d remember how d carry u for 9months hmmmmmmmmm Don’t worry u will hear something by fire by force”

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