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Embarrassing Video Showing How Some Group Of Bike Riders Trying To Rape A Lady As They F!nger Her (Video below)



This is totally an insane thing to be done and all those involved should be traced and arrested.

A young lady has suffered abuse at the hands of bike riders who harassed her along Forest Road in Nairobi, Kenya.

According to social media reports, the incident happened after she was involved in a minor accident with a Boda Boda rider.
Other riders rushed to the scene of the accident and started harassing the lady.

In the video shared on Sikika Road Safety Facebook page, the lady is heard crying for help after the rowdy riders accosted her and threatened to destroy her vehicle.
They tried to eject her from the vehicle but she was defiant since she was fearing for her life.

Cases of rogue bike riders harassing motorists on Kenyan roads are common.

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