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Drama as Main Suspect of Boda-Boda Guys Who Harassed Woman Swims in a Sewage to Escape DCI Trap (Details below)



DCI has confirmed the positive identification of the main suspect of boda boda guys who harassed a female motorist along Forest Road in Nairobi.

On Monday a video emerged, showing boda boda riders harassing a woman after accusing her of allegedly causing an accident, which saw President Uhuru Kenyatta order the crackdown on all riders in the country, and the immediate arrest of the suspects.

DCI detectives and other security experts swang into action after the order and positively managed to trace the main suspect to Mukuru Kaiyaba informal settlement.

Undercover agents drawn from the elite Crime Research & Intelligence Bureau (CRIB) and DCI Nairobi Regional Headquarters have put one suspect identified as Zachariah Nyaora Obadia to the crime scene after the use of their digital forensics.

However, when they visited the suspect’s house with an aim of arresting him on Tuesday, drama ensued after she plunged into sewage and escaped the arrest.

“The suspect who is aware of the ongoing crackdown on errant boda boda riders escaped our dragnet by a whisker, via a sewer duct in the densely populated settlement,” DCI noted.DCI noted that the suspect has been positively identified by his wife and other relatives in his rural home

DCI has since warned the suspect that he won’t escape the law for that long and asked him to present himself to authority as soon as possible.

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