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Deputy Secretary Of State Predicts That The War Will End Very Badly For Ukrainian People (Details below)



Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman warned the war “looks like it ends very badly for Ukrainian people” during an interview on “Fox News Sunday.”

“Right now it looks like it ends very badly already for Ukrainian people. I think we all spend everyday just horrified by the suffering…” Sherman said. “As your reporter on the ground discussed, it is just awful particularly in Mariupol where people are either going to starve to death or freeze to death or die because they don’t have their medicine. It is truly horrifying.”

Sherman said President Joe Biden’s administration has put $1.2 billion in security assistance to help Ukraine defend itself. She also said the U.S. must put “enormous pressure” on Russian President Vladimir Putin to potentially convince him to stop his aggression in Eastern Europe.

“That pressure is beginning to have some effect. We are seeing some signs of a willingness to have real serious negotiations, but I have to say, as your reporter said, so far it appears that Vladimir Putin is intent on destroying Ukraine. We need to help Ukrainians in every way we can.”

Ukrainian officials announced Sunday that a Russian airstrike hit a military base killing at least 35 and injuring 135 people approximately 20 miles from the Polish border, NBC News reported . The base is west of the city Lviv, which has been a crucial location of supplying weapons for the Ukrainian people.

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Russia has launched airstrikes in the western Ukrainian cities Lutsk and Ivano-Frankivsk, the outlet reported. The forces’ continued aggression has led to at least 579 civilian fatalities, including 42 children, though the actual figures are much higher, the United Nations Human Rights office reported Saturday.

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