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“Dem0ns Are Pushing You If You Don’t Know” – Nigerian Mother Tells Her Daughter That Wants To Quit University For Business



A Nigerian mother lost her cool on her daughter after the latter announced her decision to quit education at the university to pursue business..

The lady sent a voice note to her mother via Whatsapp telling her mother that she has made up her mind not to go to school again and she assured her she will become very rich in 5 years’ time if he starts business now.

The mother who got infuriated by her daughter’s decision warned her of the danger that lies ahead of her and she used her experiences in life to advise her.

She also reminded her that school fees have been paid and will send school fees for the next semester even if the fees are 5million naira. She also told her she is being controlled by a demon if she doesn’t know.

See screenshots and audios below;

propsplaza wrote; ‘You can finish school and do business or do business and go back to school, just be sure of what you are doing.’

deglegaldeeva wrote; ‘In this one VN she has stylishly begged, threatened, used self-pity, and still ended it with “nonsense” 😂😂😂😂😂’

aniscooser wrote; ‘If you have someone who’s willing to pay your tuition fees , grab that opportunity. Sometimes an opportunity lost may never be regained. Education is always the key.’

ceemplybecca wrote; ‘She said which business do you want to do then said “What is your business “??😂😂😂 Nigerian mum’s’

elvisranking wrote; ‘Even if your school fees is 5 Million, I am ready to pay, my children will not suffer… this should be the goal of every parent …. there is nothing pleasant In inheriting poverty’

buttermilkcakses wrote; ‘You can excel both ways, you really don’t have to ditch one for the other. That’s really a great advice from her mum’

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