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Chris Rock Apologizes To Jada And The Smith Family



Comedian Chris Rock has apologized to Jada Pinkett Smith and the entire Smith family for crossing a line he shouldn’t have at the Oscars as he hopes it doesn’t ruin their friendship.
Chris Rock making a joke of Jada’s medical condition and Will Smith acting violently towards it based on his emotions got almost all the world talking and they both have realized they could have done better than they showed at the Oscars yesterday..

Will Smith has released a statement condemning his actions of violent and apologizing to Chris Rock for his violent action likewise has Chris Rock also released a statement apologizing to the Smith family especially Jada for his insensitivity.

According to him, he crossed a line he shouldn’t have and has paid the enormous price of his reputation as a renowned comedian since comedy is never about poking fun at or making lite of people with major ordeals happening in their lives.

He then apologized to his friend Jada Pinkett-Smith, Will Smith, and the entire Smith family for the disrespect and disregard he displayed which was unfortunately broadcasted for the whole world to see hoping that with time, they can forgive him.

screenshot below;

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