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“All Should be Arrested” – Nigerians React After Police Discover Where Humans Body Parts Are Sold In Lagos (Details below)



The Jankara market is simple and unpretentious. The market is essentially a stretch of an old road near Lagos Island’ s Idumagbo area.

A week earlier, the reporter pretended to be a juju priest in desperate need of human body parts for rituals. After nearly four hours of waiting, the reporter found a dealer who booked him, and he was transferred from one contact to another like ping- pong balls. The regulation is that you must make a reservation and wait for a fresh human body part.

You will receive dry components right away if you order them. You’ ll need to be an expert in human anatomy to decipher the components you want from man’ s closest animal relatives, the gorilla, chimpanzee, and monkey. But don’ t jump to assumptions; Jankara is home to trustworthy traders, businesses, and individuals.

They might not realize it, but the place also conceals a terrible secret. Even a police station keeps a watchful eye on the neighborhood. A sign has given it the moniker Oko Awo Police Post. An officer behind the counter scowled angrily at our reporter when he asked if the police were aware of the wheeling and dealing in human body parts in the area, saying, ” What type of question be this? ” ” I ask go, no be for here, ” the police officer said angrily.

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This word literally means ” close your mouth” in Yoruba. menu. . . mo is a phrase spoken in hushed tones. You pause and look around as you say the first syllable to make sure no one else is in the room or an inquisitive cat is listening in. Once a deal is struck, you’ ll be taken to some seedy shanties and a courtyard to sell your goods. In this business, it’ s all about the raw cash. On the street, a fresh human head is worth N250, 000. Hearts, lungs, and kidneys, for example, sell for N500, 000 each. The penîs, vaginà, and breast, among other critical organs, each cost N50, 000. Fresh tongue costs N100, 000 in Nigeria.

According to a dealer who goes by the moniker Baba Ibeji, when a tongue is ” ritualized and jujufied, ” it ” functions well” for traders and persons applying for visas to travel overseas. ” When you’ re well prepared, no one will question you about your embassy or even your workplace, ” he explained. Travelers and businesses benefit from toe and finger, according to the Sunday Sun. ” The role of the toe is to prevent you from falling. The finger’ s sole purpose is to generate revenue. ” Everything you touch leads to money, ” Baba Ibeji declared. N50, 000 is spent for each new toe and finger.

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