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Russia set to invade Ukraine in days – Joe Biden



US President Joe Biden said Russian leader Vladimir Putin will order an invasion of Ukraine in a matter of days as Russia stepped up a flurry of misinformation campaign..

Biden spoke Friday evening in White House and also addressed the misinformation as the threat of invasion hangs over Ukraine.

Biden said he’s “seen reports of a major uptick in violations of the ceasefire by Russian-backed fighters attempting to provoke Ukraine in the Donbas.”

“For example, a shelling of Ukrainian kindergarten yesterday which Russia has falsely asserted was carried out by Ukraine.

“We also continue to see more and more disinformation being pushed out to the Russian public, including Russian-backed separatists, claiming that Ukraine is planning to launch a massive offensive attack in the Donbas,”

“Look, there is no evidence [of] these assertions, and it defies basic logic to believe the Ukrainians would choose this moment, with well over 150,000 troops arrayed on its borders, to escalate a year-long conflict.”

Biden’s remarks followed reports from Ukrainian armed forces and separatists controlling parts of eastern Ukraine of shelling in the Donbas region on Thursday.

Just like he has said umpteenth times, Biden warned Putin of grave consequence if he chose war over diplomacy.

He said the U.S. and its NATO allies are united in ensuring that the Russian aggression against Ukraine is checkmated.

Biden also announced aid measures to Ukraine.

“I spoke today with Transatlantic Allies and partners to discuss Russia’s military build-up in and around Ukraine.

“We agreed on our support for Ukraine, to continue diplomatic efforts, and affirmed our readiness to impose massive costs on Russia should it choose further conflict”, Biden said..

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