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REVEALED: The Boy Who Tried To Use His Mom For Money Ritual In Owerri Last Week Is A First Class Graduate



On Sunday, January 23, 2022, the story of a young man who had allegedly attempted to “kill” the mother for rituals, at the Heros Apartment, Owerri, had gone viral, with the photographs of the young man and the mother.
The story continued to trend till Wednesday, January 26, 2022. One could also claim that, it is still trending, but not with the same rate with that of Sunday..

The Whitepaper Newspaper, an Owerri based tabloid, was one of the print media establishments that carried the story.
In the initial stories, none carried the name of the young man and the name of the mother. Which means, there was a serious lacuna. Something was missing…

The whole story was approached from the angle of “attempted ritual killing”, because, nothing in the contrary, was on the table.May be an image of 1 person and text that says ‘SPARK LIGHT UP’
Again, the whole story of what happened and the issue of ritual, appeared not to have added up.
For this reason, the management of the medium, decided to dig in.
And the decision to dig in, paid off, when we contacted the Proprietor of the Heros Apartment, an entrepreneur, Chief MacDonald Akano..

Through him, we got in touch with the family members of the young man, whose name is Jaachukwu Mbachu, from Orlu LGA.
Luckily enough, they were at the scene of the incident, when we called them. We introduced ourselves. They asked us to come.
We met them inside the room, where the whole thing took place.
One could see the room in tatters. You could clearly see the struggles. Nothing was standing or was in its normal position, in the room, including the television on the wall.
The whole family members we met, all agreed that it was a Spiritual issue, and they had noticed strange action from the young man, few days before the Sunday, the ugly incident happened , especially when he left the family whatsapp platform and could not give any reason for that , when he was asked why he left..

But nobody took that serious.
The family members agreed that one of them, Mrs. Amonu Chibuzo, who described Jaachukwu Mbachu as her little brother inlaw, should speak to the reporters .

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Before she spoke to us, we had seen flower pot inside the room, and not kitchen pot for “rituals”, as claimed in some of the stories. We saw the broken bottle and not knife. We also saw his red beret, which was taken as red clothe in the initial stories. We took the needed photographs, of all we saw.
Her story, “when we read about the incident, we all got surprised. Nobody believed the story because we all know Jaachukwu and he could not have changed over-night, to begin to think about using the mother for rituals and for any reason. He has comfort at his disposal. We never believed the story.
“We began to link the incident with the strange action of exiting the family whatsapp platform and could not know why he did that or give any reason for doing that. We began to add things up. We arrived at the issue of spiritual something. We concluded that the whole incident was a spiritual issue..

“Jaachukwu had had a good chat with the mother, Mr. Edith Mbachu, on Saturday, January 22, 2022. In the course of that chat, he told her that he was hungry. The mother then told him that she would bring food and fruits for him on Sunday, January 23.
“He had gone to lodge at Heros Apartment when he came back from Abuja.
“The mother came on that Sunday, and he warmly welcomed the mother. The mother brought out the food (rice), and the fruits, including a bottle of groundnuts. He thanked the mother and they began to chat and cracking jokes.
“But all of a sudden, his eyes turned. His voice changed. His countenance changed. He began to bark. The mother was frightened and was trying to calm him down. He took the groundnuts’ bottle and broke it on his head. And began to stab himself. And he also began to stab the mother. He would stab himself once and also stabbed the mother once. That happened upto eight times..

“Before he broke the bottle, he locked the door and put the key into his pocket.
“The mother started shouting and the shouting attracted other lodgers and the Security Personnel at the Apartment. When he heard the bangs on the door, he opened the window and pushed the mother out and also fell down from the same window. And became calm.
“Jaachukwu is the last Child of family of four. Two males and two females. His elder brother is an Engineer. He graduated from Federal University of Technology, Owerri, FUTO. The two Sisters are Medical Doctor and Nurse, respectively and all based in London.
“They have also gotten papers ready for Jaachukwu to travel to Canada. The mother is a Senior Staff of Federal Polytechnic Nekede. They are all doing well.
“Jaachukwu had the best WASC Exam result at the Government College Owerri in his time. He represented Imo State at a National Competition in English and Mathematics. And he came first..

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“All his friends have been calling to say that there must be a mixed up somewhere in the whole story. He has been having Spiritual issue without anybody knowing about it.
” The mother is the only Sister of late Highness Agbonu of Ikeduru. The whole thing is Spiritual. He had been under Spiritual torture without our knowing it.
“My regret and the regret of the entire family is the stigma. How Jaachukwu is going to face life with all these unfortunate stories”, she stated.
She also gave us hints of where the whole thing could be coming from. But on our own, we decided to skip that angle because of its imports. With all that was seen and the whole narratives, the initial story of “ritual” could not add up..

The medium regrets the initial story. Something strange was fundamentally wrong. And may God help the Young man. Enemies do not sleep. Evil men and women do not sleep. But the Power of God is Superior to every other power. And in the name of JESUS every knee shall bow.
May God see the Youngman through the trauma. We also thank God that the mother is alive.

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